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Ekpani Chutney Recipe – Khanapoor

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Adjust Servings:
1 big bowl Ekpani Leaves (Centella Asiatica)
2 tbsp Freshly Grated Coconut (Nariyal)
1 tbsp Cumin Seeds (Jeera)
3 Green Chillies (Hari Mirch)
As per taste Salt (Namak)
1/2 tsp Cooking Oil (Tel)
2 tbsp Water (Paani)

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Ekpani Chutney Recipe – Khanapoor

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan

A healthy and tasty chutney for all seasons and reasons.

  • Serves 4
  • Easy




Ekpani Chutney is a delicious and versatile chutney which can be a part of one’s main course or snacks.

Ekpani Chutney is very good for health and is very easy to prepare. The botanical term for ekpani is Centella Asiatica.  A perennial herb found in swampy areas of Asia, can also be planted in pots but needs to be watered regularly.

These Ekpani leaves are also used for medicinal purposes. It is used for treating minor wounds, nausea, asthama, drowsiness, headache, nausea, ulcers, inflammation, improve lactation.

It is also used in cooking different types of dishes. One can also prepare juice with this herb.

It is a low calorie, low carb and low fat dish. It is 100% vegan and gluten free. This chutney is ideal for people suffering from diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and many other ailments.

My mother would always prepare it during rainy season when the leaves are available in plenty. If you love chutneys, this should be a part of your recipe collection.

Let us see how to prepare this healthy and tasty ekpani chutney.

Take a bowl of ekpani (centella asiatica) leaves after removing it from just above its roots.

Centella Asiatica

Take cumin seeds (jeera), freshly grated coconut (nariyal) and green chillies (hari mirch).

Cumin seeds, kissa hua nariyal, hari mirch

In a small kadhai, heat cooking oil (tel).


Add the cumin seeds (jeera) and roast it till it gives out an aroma.

Add Cumin

Put these ingredients in a mixer grinder and add salt (namak) as per taste.

Samagri ko namak ke saath mixer mein daliye

Add very little water (paani) just to get a smooth consistency.

Centella Asiatica Chutney

Put it in a serving bowl and relish it with accompaniments of your choice.

Centella Chutney

I hope you relish it as much as my family and I do. Do share your valuable feedback. Really look forward to it. I am also sharing few other recipes from this blog. Do try these as well and let us know your thoughts.

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Step 1

Take a big bowl of cleaned and washed ekpani (centella asiatica) leaves.


Step 2

Heat 1/2 tsp cooking oil (tel) in a small kadhai, add 1 tbsp cumin seeds (jeera). Roast it till it gives out an aroma.


Step 3

Grind the ekpani (centella) leaves along with the roasted cumin seeds (jeera) and 2 tbsp freshly grated coconut (nariyal), 3 green chillies (hari mirch) and 2 tbsp water (paani). Make sure the consistency of the ekpani chutney is smooth.


Step 4

Put it in a serving bowl and it can be relished with any accompaniments of your choice.


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