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Rava Cucumber Dosa Recipe

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Rava Cucumber Dosa Recipe

  • Vegan

Rava Cucumber Dosa is an excellent healthy breakfast dish.

  • Serves 4
  • Easy




Rava Cucumber Dosa is an ideal no onion no garlic, vegan dish.

Rava Cucumber Dosa is a great option for breakfast or as an evening snack. Fine semolina (chiroti rava) and lapsi rava (daliya) are the main ingredients. It is very easy to prepare it.

Rava Cucumber Dosa is a South Indian dish. People, normally eat this for breakfast. It is one of the healthiest dishes and very filling. The addition of cucumbers (kakdi) increases the fibre content in the dish and cucumber (kakdi) lends a mild taste and coolness to the dosa. The dosa also contains freshly grated coconut (nariyal). If one does not like cucumbers (kakdi) or coconut (nariyal), you can also omit it.

Laspi rava (daliya) is very nutritious. It is loaded with protein and essential vitamins. Fine semolina (chiroti rava) is high on antioxidents and helps in lowering LDL (bad cholestrol).

So, this dish is ideal for people who want to lose weight, suffering from hypertension, diabetes, high LDL levels, etc. As mentioned above, it is a wonderful choice, when you are fasting or observing no onion no garlic days. After eating it, you do not feel the need to binge on anything else.

Ginger (adrak) and green chillies (hari mirch) are also added to it. It enhances the taste of the dish as rava can be a little bland in taste. You can also omit it, if you do not like it.

All in all, I would say it is worth a try. It is easy, requires no grinding and no fermention. It can also be prepared when you can not think of preparing anything else. Especially during summers, when you do not feel like eating lunch or dinner, this dish is a very healthy alternative.

You can make thin or thick dosas based on your preference.

Finally, like I always say, do share your valuable feedback.

I am also sharing links of other dosas from my blog. Do try these as well and share your thoughts.

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Step 1

In a mixing bowl, add the lapsi rava (daliya) and fine semolina (chiroti rava).


Step 2

Grate the cucumbers (kakdi), peel and chop the ginger (adrak), chop the green chillies (hari mirch). Add this to the lapsi rava (daliya) and fine semolina (chiroti rava) mixture.


Step 3

Add freshly grated coconut (nariyal).


Step 4

Add water (paani) to the mixing bowl and increase or decrease the quantity depending on the consistency you prefer. Then add salt (namak) to it as per taste and mix it properly.


Step 5

Heat a tava/ griddle and grease it with ghee.


Step 6

Take some batter in your hands and put it on the tava/ griddle and make a circular dosa by patting it with your fingers.


Step 8

Make it thick or thin depending on your preference. You can dip your fingers in water (paani) before patting the batter.


Step 9

Cover it with a cloche (dhakkan)


Step 10

Remove the cloche (dhakkan) and check if the bottom of the dosa is cooked, if you like it brown, keep it for some more time or else you can flip it.


Step 11

Put some ghee to the sides of the dosa, it imparts a lot of flavour and let it cook for a minute.


Step 12

Flip it again and serve it along with home made white butter (makkhan), ghee or any chutney of your choice.


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