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Watermelon Ginger Smoothie Recipe – Watermelon Ginger Lassi

  • Gluten Free

Watermelon Ginger Smoothie is a cool way to beat the hunger pangs.

  • Serves 3
  • Easy




Watermelon ginger smoothie is one of the most delicious, easy to prepare smoothies with many health benefits. One can have it any time of the day which will leave you with a feeling of being full.

Watermelon ginger smoothie also serves as a welcome drink. As watermelon and fresh ginger are available all year round, you can make this whenever you please.

As watermelon has a high water content, it is low in calories. It is also low in carbohydrates and fat. So, it is ideal for people suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc. Ginger is also helpful in treating stomach problems, nausea, common cold, etc. Yoghurt is good for digestion as it contains good bacteria which aids in the proper functioning of our stomach and intestines.

I remember preparing watermelon ginger smoothie a few years ago as there were many watermelon pieces and if they were not consumed within a day or two, would go to waste. So, I thought of making a  juice or smoothie. After some deliberation, I decided to prepare a smoothie as there was enough home made yoghurt or curd in the fridge.

Now it was time to make it as the main ingredients of the smoothie were available. I generally do not add processed sugar to my beverages. The first batch of the smoothie was cool, refreshing but lacked punch. So my father advised me to add generous amounts of ginger. It enhanced the taste of the smoothie.

Once the smoothie was ready, I had three big glasses of it and was completely full. It was so delicious that I would have guzzled down some more if there was room in my tummy. All I can say is, do give it a try whether you like it cold or at room temperature. I am sure you will love it!!!

Firstly, cut a watermelon (tarbuz) into pieces. After cutting the watermelon (tarbuz) I got around 15 pieces. Take around 3 cups yoghurt (dahi) which is around 300 ml. Wash, peel and cut the ginger (adrak). Take around 3 tbsp sugar (shakkar). You can increase or decrease the quantity depending on your taste. Take around 10 ice cubes (barf).

Grind all the above ingredients in a blender.

watermelon ginger smoothie

Pour the smoothie in glasses and drink it to beat the unrelenting heat.

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Step 1

Cut the watermelon (tarbuz) into pieces. I got around 15 pieces after cutting it. Take around 300 ml yoghurt (dahi) which comes upto 3 cups. Wash, peel and cut 3 inches piece ginger (adrak). Take around 3 tbsp sugar (shakkar) and 10 ice cubes (barf).


Step 2

In a blender, blend all the above ingredients properly to prepare the smoothie.


Step 3

Pour the watermelon ginger smoothie in glasses or you can even chill it for some more time in the refrigerator. Enjoy it on a hot summer day. It is nutritious and filling as well.


Hello, I am Megha and I live in the city of Navi Mumbai. I was born and brought up in Mumbai. I am a third generation Mumbaikar. My native place is Bantwal which is in the Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka. I am a MBA by qualification but my real passion is food which I found out a few years ago when I started to cook on a full fledged basis. I come from a family of foodies where everyone is a great cook irrespective of gender. We basically love and live food. So, I thought why not start writing a blog and share my love of food with everyone!!!

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